Earning Yet Another Key Endorsement, Jackson’s Grassroots Momentum Is Peaking At The Right Time

Amarillo, TX – The Wichita Falls Police Officers Association announced today their full endorsement of Dr. Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s former White House Doctor, Chief Medical Advisor and retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, for Texas’ 13th Congressional district:

“Today, we are thrilled to endorse Dr. Ronny Jackson for Congress. Ronny is proud Texan, decorated combat veteran, and a trusted advisor of President Trump. Unlike other self-serving DC politicians, Ronny is accessible, and whenever we run into a problem, I know I can call Ronny and he’ll answer. Having bravely served his country in the Navy for nearly 30 years, Ronny embodies servant leadership and is the exact type of person we need representing us in Washington.”

Jackson added: “I have always had the utmost respect for police officers, and I am extremely humbled to have received the endorsement of the Wichita Falls Police Officers Association. Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to protect us and keep our communities safe. It is unfortunate that deranged, freedom-hating liberals like Antifa do not treat our brave police officers with the respect they deserve. Rest assured, as the only candidate endorsed by President Trump in this race, I will always have law enforcement’s back. Period. End of story.”