On the Issues


I support strong protected borders.  I will work hard to push serious and strong immigration reform that limits the number of immigrants and refugees that can legally enter our country.  Only those that are vetted, screened, and go through the legal process should be allowed to enter.  I will work tirelessly to prevent anyone from entering our country illegally.  I have spent time on the southern border while working as a Senior Advisor for President Trump and I understand the issues and I know the answers.  Additionally, I support the border wall.  The men and women of Customs and Border Protection, the Border Patrol, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), need the wall in place to effectively do their job and protect us from criminals, gang members, drug smugglers, and human traffickers that continue to cross our border every day.  Immigration is a national security issue and should not be used as a political tool by the left.

The Second Amendment

I will defend our right to keep and bear arms. I believe that law abiding citizens of this country should be able to have guns in their homes and carry them in public. I am a member of the NRA and have been a gun owner my entire life. I will work to ensure that no one can take away or limit our ability to defend ourselves or our constitutional right to our guns. In Congress, I successfully helped lead the charge to remove any “Red Flag Law” provisions in the NDAA, as well as lead other initiatives to defend our right to keep and bear arms.


I am Pro-Life and I will staunchly defend the life of the unborn.  Every life is a blessing from God, and we must treat all life as sacred and do everything possible to protect it.


I will work hard to lower healthcare cost.  Health insurance, medical care, and the drugs that Americans rely on for their health and well-being are all far too expensive.  The cost of healthcare is far outpacing the income for most people in this country.  I will work to eliminate the monopolies in healthcare, continue to promote transparency in billing, reform pharmaceutical pricing and bring down the cost of drugs, and protect Americans from the liberal agenda and the socialist healthcare plans of the left.

Term Limits

I support term limits for all members of congress and if elected I will pledge to serve no more than 4 terms or 8 years.  In addition, I will support legislation to establish term limits for every member of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.


I will aggressively support our veterans.  We should consider our veterans a national treasure and we must make sure they get the benefits and services they have earned while defending our country and keeping us all safe. In Congress, I’ve lead several letters and pieces of legislation to help those who’ve served. This includes

National Defense

I am in favor of a strong national defense and will work to protect and maintain our military dominance.  We have the greatest, strongest, and most capable military on the planet.  This fact alone serves as powerful deterrence to those who would do us harm.  We must support our military.

Local Industry

I will protect the industry of this district and work tirelessly to support farmers, ranchers, the oil and gas industry, Bell Helicopter, Sheppard Air Force Base, Weber Aircraft, Pantex, and other industries critical to the economy of the 13th congressional district.  All these industries are not only important to the district but are also directly related to our national defense and to a strong national economy.  I will pledge to promote and grow these industries in the district. 

National Debt

I am fiscally conservative, and I will work to limit government spending and reduce our national debt.


I am a proponent of small federal government and states rights.  I will work hard to limit the size of the federal government and the burdensome regulations and bureaucracy it often imposes on its citizens.  These regulations stifle economic growth, impinge on the rights of property owners, disadvantage small business owners, and are sometimes used as political tools by the liberals in government. 


I am in favor of reforming our education system.  The primary education of our children should be a local and state issue.  The federal government should not be able to mandate and promote the liberal agenda of other parts of the country on our schools in the state of Texas and the 13th Congressional District. 

Higher education at the college and university level should be more affordable and cost-effective education at junior colleges and trade schools should be encouraged and available for those who don’t seek the traditional university pathway. 

Fighter for the Thirteenth Congressional District

 I will never stop fighting for the citizens of Texas-13. In Congress, I’ve fought tirelessly for the key constituencies and industries in Texas’ Thirteenth Congressional District, including:

I’ve aided Sheppard Air Force Base by: