Citing Fallout From COVID-19, Jackson Calls For Massive America First Pharmaceutical Investment in Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, TX – Dr. Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s former White House Physician and Chief Medical Advisor, unveiled his plan today to redirect all American pharmaceutical manufacturing in China back to the United States with substantial production based in Amarillo, Texas:

“COVID-19 has exposed a serious flaw in the American healthcare system that must be fixed immediately moving forward. We can no longer afford to have the Communist Chinese Party controlling our pharmaceutical industry- it is simply unacceptable. As the former White House Physician to President Trump and member of the White House Pandemic Task Force, I am calling for a massive America First pharmaceutical investment in our country with national production and distribution capabilities based right here in Amarillo. We need to start making and distributing our own medicines again.”

“I cannot think of a better location for an operation of this magnitude than right here in Amarillo, Texas. Amarillo is centrally located in the United States and offers a myriad of strategic advantages: location with easy access to the interstate, railroads and an international airport, low-tax business-friendly environment, low cost of living, and proximity to some of the finest post-secondary schools in the country such as Texas Tech, West Texas A&M University and Amarillo College. Additionally, there is a pharmacy school, school of veterinary medicine, a dental school and an affiliation with a large school of medicine. This move would create new, good-paying American jobs for hardworking Texans and would benefit the region tremendously. What better way to revitalize and diversify our economy and get Texans back to work than by redirecting foreign investment directly back into America, and specifically Amarillo, Texas!”

“I have been in contact with members of the Trump administration and have been working with Amarillo business leaders to make this happen. I grew up here and I am proud to call the Texas Panhandle my home. The time for action is now and I cannot, in good conscience, sit back and do nothing as China continues to rip us off and put our national security at risk. They must be held accountable.”